Pre-release thoughts

Hello gamers! I am gearing up for releasing Astro Hammer which is my first ever game. As simple as the game is, it represents a cool moment for me as I have always wanted to develop and release a game and so embarked on the journey to learn more about gamedev several years ago. I went through a steep learning curve and finding the time to work on it proved very tough. But this is very much a labour of love and so I came back to it eventually, determined to finish it and release it. It took forever lol.

The game is a simple retro-style shooter that begins quite serenely but picks up the pace after a few minutes. It has a few little interesting mechanics that provide a tiny bit of depth as the game is on the whole a fairly straight-forward score attack challenge. If only one person enjoys the game that truly is enough. I hope to release some more games in the future (more info soon) but for now, please enjoy Astro Hammer, I hope you like it for what it is!


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